Main Business
Link&Share' s business segments are synergistic and complementary to each other, driven by the "double-defined strategy" - customized products + customized channels - to meet the two-way needs of overseas brands and consumers, providing comprehensive one-stop services for overseas brands in all categories and channels, and providing channels and consumers with a wide range of quality overseas products, developing beauty, food, mother and child, trendy games, digital, luxury goods and many other fields.
E-Commerce Services
Covering the mainstream domestic e-commerce channels, platform direct supply; platform sales consignment; multi-platform store opening and operation business. The domestic e-commerce business mainly includes platform supply, online store distribution and live operation services.
Digital Sales System Supply Chain Services
A large warehouse-type supermarket that integrates retail and market wholesale and is committed to building an offline chain terminal headquarters for digital new retail.
Live e-commerce
Linking the supply chain system of first-line brands at home and abroad, we are committed to the marketing exploration of the unity of quality and efficiency of live content for e-commerce and the establishment of an integrated service ecology for e-commerce.
Bonded warehousing and distribution business
The whole section of warehousing and logistics services, including international logistics, pick-up, customs transfer, warehousing, distribution services, accepting one for one, preparation, collection, labeling, processing in the warehouse and other logistics mode.
About Us
Safety first, customer first, integrity first
Link & Share was established in January 2017, aiming to build a supply chain ecosystem and a new retail platform for global selected goods and net red new national products. The company's planned business segments cover the operation and management of the whole chain from the raw material end, production end to the consumer terminal; a multi-dimensional and multi-faceted service system of brand, product, promotion, marketing, international shipping, import and export.
Customized logistics solutions for the whole industry Worry-free service Experience worry-free
Supply Chain Services
Bonded warehouse distribution services
E-commerce services
Logistics Services
Industry-wide customized foreign trade business solutions Service without worry
Export of domestic products
Bonded Warehousing and Distribution Services
Imported Products Purchase
E-Commerce Inbound and E-Commerce Live
Product export process, providing you with cross-border business opportunities matching, international trade guarantee transactions, trade customs clearance and tax rebates, product export process, cross-border trade financing and cross-border logistics and other digital cross-border trade solutions
Our own bonded warehouses are well-equipped for bonded warehousing and distribution business, and equipped with constant temperature warehouse equipment, with clear division of functional areas, we can provide customers with warehousing services, value-added services and supporting transport services.
Overseas import, choose linkshare, linking you to global B2B business partners, goods through 200+ countries and regions. Mature and perfect cross-border trade solutions
Local and foreign e-commerce live broadcast companies cooperate in e-commerce and live broadcast business, linking the supply chain system of first-tier brands at home and abroad, creating an IP-based traffic gathering place, and establishing an integrated service ecology for e-commerce.
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